Social Cause

Many people in the homeless community are there because they've reached the end of other services and have no other resources available to them. They are the invisible citizens including abandoned people & Animals who are ever-present in every single patch of land around the world. If you felt invisible and forgotten, literally pushed out by society, because you are not needed due to Age, Ailment mental or physical or just because you are a pet Animal and your so called family does not seem comfortable keeping you any longer.

"Ray of Brightness" is a step towards guiding & making people understand that we should stop abandoning the ones who cannot express themselves ... this could be Animals, Mentally Disabled, New Born, Children, an elderly person or who so ever comes in your mind...Life is beautiful, let us make it peaceful for ourselves as well as others...Lets enjoy it together till the time lasts.. As we all know that none lasts forever


Our efforts to bring dignified care and hope to homeless populations of people & Animals began in the holiday season of 2011 with homemade meal delivered to the streets of New Delhi which was off and on initially & gradually we decided to do it every day. We later expanded beyond meal service with a cloths, blanket & water during summers, which not only brought warmth on cold nights but a slight comfort zone too during the other seasons.


The need for food never ends & so neither should anyone's dignity....

FEED - Be it human or animal

Our volunteer chefs create nutrition-rich, wholesome meals and deliver direct to those in need. Good, healthy food fuels positive, strong minds and bodies who can then focus on progressing to better circumstances. To date, we've fed over 7300 souls including Humans & Animals


When our fellow street citizens win a precious job opportunity, how will they present themselves as equally worthy candidates without a closet filled with work clothing? We make sure that Our Closet offers a wide-range of apparel suitable for the workforce and inspiring confidence in oneself.


It's easy to take for granted the comfort and confidence that comes from basic hygiene in our daily lives, because it's always there for most of us. Imagine not being able to bathe regularly, or been taken to the doctor/vet when needed. Our team of volunteers offer a personal care to our patrons that has been a life-changing for them and them to keep going.


At any given time there are a many who are without the safety and comfort of a permanent home. The fallacy of homelessness is that for those who live it, there is or was a choice. Homelessness does not discriminate. In the changing landscape of technology, manufacturing, ecologically motivated industrial reform... jobs are lost. As the population never stops growing while politics change what kind of healthcare or housing or work we have available to us, there will always be living beings left out & unprepared for the change that comes to them. So while homelessness is a sad fact of our civilization today, and may always be, we can never turn a blind eye to the ones who fall victim to it. Never. Ever. The greatest gift we have as Life, with superior intellect, in the greatest country of world India, It is us to look after one another without fail.

What You Can Do

If you believe as we do that all Living bing deserve safekeeping, loving kindness and to never be forgotten by our best angels, we need your help. There are so many ways to be of service and every grain of help nourishes so many. We are grateful.


Start participating in our various events as the 10% of all the contribution & Profits goes to charity.


We require a constant supply of clothing, Food Footwear, Household or whatever you have to share, particularly sustenance that doesn't take up a lot of space for a person to carry, is welcome! 


Thanks to social media platforms, the world has become just small enough to wrap our arms around. Give us a hug, by spreading the word on social media platforms about our purpose and our projects in service of the community. - Like us on 


What's the core cause of homelessness? How do we end it? Gainful employment. If you have jobs for veterans or other homeless citizens. Many around you would be looking for Pets, encourage people to Adapt a one from the shelter. Please connect with our work force and provide suitable work, clothes, suggestion, or any feedback etc ON -